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Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. M. Ford

Hello, welcome to the library.

Welcome to the Martin Luther King Jr., Junior High Library.   We are open every morning at 7:15 and both lunch shifts.  Accelerated Reader is a very important part of the reading experience, all classes have been STAR tested and have set goals.  At the end of every nine weeks, we will celebrate everyone who achieves their individual point goals and maintain an average correct of 90% or above.  Please visit our library; there are several hundred AR books available for checkout. 

 My personal goal as your librarian is to aid in your educational journey and help you develop a life-long LOVE for READING!

                                 Wildcats Get In The Game  READ!!

Please feel free to call the main office at (318)387-1825 to schedule a parent conference or email me using the Contact Me tab.

MLK Mission Statement:
     We are Wildcats on the PROWL - Providing Rigorous and relevent Opportunities in instruction that Will enhance Learning!

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