Mrs. Brisco's New World of 8th Grade Inclusion

We are WILDCATS on the PROWL!!!

We are ....
Providing Rigorous and Relevant Opportunities in instruction that Will enhance L

My name is Mrs. Brenda Brisco, and I am your child's 8th grade inclusion teacher. I am very excited to work with my students this school year. Eighth grade year is full of important information and skills your child will need for high school. My support team and myself are here to make 8th grade your child's best year of
 junior high.

***Feel free to contact me at 318-387-1825 ext: 2297 or by clicking on the contact me tab on side of my page.
Class Supplies
Composition Notebook

Class Expectations
1. Positive Attitude 
2. Act Responsibly
3. Make Wise Choices
4. Stay Focused

My Schedule

1st Period-  Mrs. Lewis-LeDent   7:28-8:16 Room 104
2nd Period- Mrs. Lewis-LeDent   8:16-9:07 Room 104
3rd Period-  Mrs. Brisco's Room(Resource) 9:10-9:58 Room 112
4th Period-  Planning   10:01-10:49
5th Period-  Miss Saunders 10:52-11:40 Room 114
6th Period-  Mrs. Reeves 11:43-12:31 Room 103
7th Period-  Mrs. Reeves 1:07-1:55 Room 103
8th Period-  Mrs. Brisco's Room (Study Skills) 1:58-2:45 Room 112