Ms. Minnie Miller/7th Grade Resource

All students with disabilities are being provided a free appropriate public education; that will prepare them for further education, employment, and independent living.

1st period- Inclusion ELA Class/7:28 - 8:16
2nd period-ELA Class/8:19 - 9:07
‚Äč3rd period- Study Skills/9:10 - 9:58
4th period- Inclusion Class/Science/10:01- 10:49
5th period- Inclusion Class/Social Studies10:52- 11:40
Lunch Shift- 11:43- 12:13
6th period- Prep/12:16-1:04
7th period- Inclusion Class/Math/1:07-1:55
8th period- Study Skills/1:58-2:45

Please feel free to call the main office at 387-1825 to schedule a parent conference or email me using the Contact Me tab.

We are Wildcats on the PROWL - Providing Rigorous and relevant Opportunities in instruction that Will enhance Learning!

All students are expected to follow P.A.W.S - Positive Attitude, Act responsible, Wise choices and Stay focused. They will be required to read the following novels: The Giver, Christmas Carol, Bad Boy, and Life of Frederick Douglas. Eureka math will be reinforced and students are given Modules.

Students will be provided with LEAP 2025 Curriculum Standards Support in their Study Skills Class. Regular Education classes will be reinforced daily in all core subjects as needed.