21st Century Community Learning Centers


The purpose of this program is to provide an alternative instructional setting for students who have not been successful in earning credits at the high school level. Credit Recovery is an independent, self-directed learning environment using a computer-based curriculum and technology for both instructional delivery and student management.

Targeted Population:

  • Credit Recovery is designed for students in grades 9-12 who have failed a core class.
  • Preference is given to prospective graduating seniors.


  • Student must have failed the course(s) in which he or she is seeking a credit.
  • To recover the credit, it is preferred that the semester average must not be lower than the numerical score of 50.


A bus will be provided to all students to transport them home at the end of each session.  Note:  This does not include Saturday sessions.

Program Guidelines:

  • All core subject areas will be delivered by A+ courseware.
  • Lab-facilitators will be certified teachers or
  • who have been trained on the A+ courseware.
  • English courses may have additional writing and reading assignments to meet state frameworks and local board of education guidelines.
  • At the discretion of the guidance counselor, a student may be enrolled in a maximum of two Credit Recovery courses concurrently to recover one Carnegie unit.
  • Each student and parent will sign a contract stipulating that the student will comply with the guidelines as they pertain to the Credit Recovery program.
  • All courses are divided into learning modules. The student must master the modules with a minimum score of 80%.
  • High school Credit Recovery grades will count as part of the GPA in accordance with local board policy.
  • A form indicating completion of Credit Recovery credit is to be attached to the student’s transcript.
  • Credit Recovery mastery results and grade computations will be archived in the same manner as any other teacher records.
  • No Advanced Placement or Honors course will be eligible for Credit Recovery.

Student Requirements

  • Students will comply with all rules outlined in Wossman High School’s Student Handbook.  School is still in session.
  • Students will use the technology equipment and software in an appropriate manner.  Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the program.  
  • Students will monitor their own progress toward reaching the required mastery of 80% of the lessons.