Mrs. Lewis-LeDent's World of 8th Grade ELA

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Deidra Lewis-LeDent
M.L.K. Jr. Junior High
Room 104

   Welcome to 8th grade ELA

I believe that READING is like the roots of a tree-when you know how to read, a strong root system is created. This root system will produce a tree full of fruit such as comprehension, Science,
Social- Studies, Math and so much more.

*The students of room 104 will learn to read, write, speak, listen, and use language effectively. This will promote the literacy skills to help them become life-long learners.

W.G.---Word Generation is a program that consists of students learning a series of five words per week. (School Wide) They learn/use these words in ALL core subjects: Reading, Math, Science, Social-Studies, and English. In my English/Reading classes I lay the foundation on Mondays.
*****Please look for your child to bring home a vocabulary fold-able every Monday to study.

For a list of WORD GENERATION words
we will learn for the year:

*Click on Words Your Child Will Learn This Year
(PDF file)

A.R.---Accelerated Reader is a reading program that is implemented in my classroom. The program consists of students reading chapter books and taking computerized quizzes on the books. The students have goals they must meet by the end of the nine weeks.

*****I use this as a grade in my classroom.
*********Homework each night is A.R. so please look for a book.

* Click on To See if A Book is A.R. to verify if any book is A.R. before your child starts reading.

* Click on Ms. Lewis Class Schedule:
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**Please feel free to call the main office at
318-387-1825 to schedule a parent conference
or email me using the Contact Me tab. 

M.L.K. Mission Statement:

We are Wildcats on the PROWL-
Providing Rigorous and relevant Opportunities in 
instruction that Will enhance Learning!