McManus's Math Best of MLKJ

Shirley McManus

Please feel free to call the main office at 387-1825 to schedule a parent conference or email me using the Contact One tab.

Education is the basis for everyone's future. As a teacher I want to bring out the best in my student's knowing there is a talent in each one, and each one has different needs and learn differently. Therefore, I choose to teach and allow each student to express themselves in their own way to learn.

EXT. 2259

Class Schedule

 7:24-7:28     Homeroom
 7:28-8:16     Math 1
 8:16-9:07     Math Lab
 9:10-9:58     Math 2
 9:58-10:49   Math Lab
10:52-11:40  Prep
LUNCH  1st  SHIFT  11:43-12:13
12:16-1:04     Math 3
LUNCH  2nd SHIFT 12:34-1:04
1:07-1:51     Math 3 Lab
1:51-2:45      Math  4 Lab

MLK Mission Statement:We are Wildcats on the Prowl-Providing Rigorous and relevant Opportunities in instruction that will enhance Learning.

 Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year We are striving to make M.L.K. great once again. I hope you have heard that our scores increased and we are getting better and better. 
     Mr. Mayhall is our new principal and Mr. Price is our new assistant principal. They each have many, many years in the field of education. I am a certified teacher for the State of Louisiana. I have been teaching for 30 years.
     We are making M.L.K. Jr. great again.