Class Expectations

Hello! I’m looking forward to a wonderful year teaching your child. Please note that you child has math for two periods and will have a separate grade for a math class and a math lab.

  • The math class grade will come from more traditional methods: tests, quizzes, homework, etc.
  • The math lab grade will come from  

Classroom Expectations:

 Be prepared for class.
       - Bring all materials to class.
       - Restroom needs taken care of before coming to class.

 Be respectful of teacher and other students. Talking, singing, grooming and other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

 Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings. Obtain permission to leave your seat during  class.

 Stay on task and actively participate in learning with a positive attitude..

 Leave all food, drinks and gum in your bag


1st offense: Verbal warning/ Refocus Center

2nd offense: Minor Discipline Ticket

3rd offense: Minor Discipline Ticket/Call home

4th offense: Major Discipline Referral


 Pencils (lots and lots)

 Composition Book

 1 ½ inch binder (can be shared with another class)

 Planner (not required, but suggested)

Grading Policy:

 Major grades include:

+ Tests (100 points each

 Minor grades include (but are not limited to):

+ Homework  and Bellringers

+ In-class activities (points will vary based on the difficulty and time needed to complete the activity)

These assignments will be graded based on correctness and effort/completion.

Math Lab – grades)

**Be aware: This grade is entered on the due date.  If the student completes after the due date the grade will not be altered.

Extra Credit:

I do not give bonus points, so don’t ask for them. Your grade should be a reflection of what you are able to do mathematically, and this won’t be the case if your grade is inflated with lots of bonus points, curves, etc. It is in your best interest to do your very best on every assignment the first time it is assigned. If you do that, you shouldn’t need any bonus points.

Bathroom Policy:  

You will NOT be allowed to leave classroom for any reason.

Attendance Policy:

It is very difficult to be successful in this class if you are habitually absent. Per Louisiana Department of Education’s policy, you are only allowed to miss 10 days (excused or not each year). It would be wise to attend class EVERY DAY.

If you are late or absent please make sure to get any missing assignments from the “While You Were Out” folders located on the bulletin board near the door. Class does not pause while you are gone! For this reason, you will be expected to get any notes, help with assignments, and instruction ON YOUR OWN TIME (at lunch or before school) upon your return. I will not hunt you down, remind you repeatedly, or make exceptions for you because you were absent. YOU are responsible for all missed work.

If you missed a test/quiz, you will not be able to make those up during my class. The number of days that you are absent will determine how many days you are given to complete the test, quiz or graded assignment, unless you are present the day that the test is assigned. In that case you are expected to take the test with the rest of the class if you are in attendance the day of the test.

Extra Help: 

If you need extra help, I would love to help you. Please come see me during lunch or right after school. Just let me know that you are coming! If you think you need a private tutor, I can refer to someone. 

Calculator Policy: 

One of the goals for this year is to build your mental math skills. Aside from that, many of the topics learned this year will not be assessed with a calculator on the LEAP for this reason, please do not use a calculator on your homework unless I have told you to do so.