Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology-

Human Anatomy and Physiology is a biology course for students interested in learning more about how the body works.  This course is an introduction to the terminology, anatomy, and physiology of the human body as it applies to everyday life.  This course is designed to introduce the student to the structures and functions of the human body, and to provide a basis for understanding how changes in structure and function can lead to injury and


An outline of the course is

Chap 1: Introduction to Anatomy
Chap 3: Cells 
Chap 4: Tissues
Chap 7: Skeletal 

Chap 8: Muscular 
Chap 9: Nervous
Chap 10: Senses
Chap 11: Endocrine

Chap 12: Blood 
Chap 13: Circulatory 
Chap 15: Digestive 

Chap 16: Respiratory 
Chap 17: Urinary 
Chap 19: Reproductive

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