Mrs. Beverly Marshall 8th Grade Louisiana History

 My philosophy can best be described through the song “The Greatest Love of All.” I am a firm believer that children are the future and everything must be done to teach them well to prepare them for what lies ahead. When I teach, I am investing in your child by connecting to our past, present, and future.   


Class Schedule

 7:24-7:28     Homeroom
 7:28-8:16     1st Period -Louisiana History
 8:16-9:07      2nd Period -Louisiana History (Pre-Ap)
 9:10-9:58     3rd Period -Louisiana History
 9:58-10:49     4th Period -Planning Period
10:52-11:40      5th Period -Louisiana History
11:43-12:31      6th  Period -Louisiana History
12:34-1:04              Lunch
 1:07-1:51       7th Period -Louisiana History 
 1:51-2:45      8th Period- Louisiana History


**Please feel free to call the main office at 318-387-1825 to schedule a parent conference or email me using the Contact Me tab. 

M.L.K. Mission Statement:

We are Wildcats on the 
Rigorous and relevant 
Opportunities in instruction that 
Will enhance