Ms. Minnie Eleam/7th Grade Resource

All students with disabilities are being provided a free appropriate public education; that will prepare them for further education, employment, and independent living.

1st period- Inclusion ELA Class/7:28 - 8:16
2nd period- Science/8:19 - 9:07
‚Äč3rd period- Study Skills/9:10 - 9:58
4th period- Inclusion Class/Science/10:01- 10:49
5th period- Reading Lab/10:52- 11:40
Lunch Shift- 11:43- 12:13
6th period- Prep/12:16-1:04
7th period- Inclusion Class/Math/1:07-1:55
8th period- Study Skills/1:58-2:45

Please feel free to call the main office at 387-1825 to schedule a parent conference or email me using the Contact Me tab.

We are Wildcats on the PROWL - Providing Rigorous and relevant Opportunities in instruction that Will enhance Learning!